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มอก TIS 1505-2541 TIS 1510-2541SGS 9001ISO18001

Product Information

ALC blocks  are used for construction of interior and exterior walls / load-bearing walls and non-load bearing walls to keep our houses cool safe and strong.


  • Reduce Heat transfer 10 times better than ordinary concrete and save electricity expense up to 30%.
  • Superior acoustical application helps prevent the noise from outside.
  • Resist fire 2 - 4 times longer than clay bricks.
  • It can absorb stress and strain during earthquake very well.
  • Lighter than clay bricks 2 - 3 times, lighter than normal concrete 4 - 5 times but remain strong so engineer can use smaller foundation sizes and reduce construction costs.
  • Reduce construction time.
  • Easy to work and reduce 50% installation time.
  • The precise dimension reduces onsite trimming work and the use of premixed mortar results in cleaner site condition.

Weight per piece

Size(cm.) Weight (kg.)
20x60x7.5 5.58
20x60x10 7.44
20x60x12.5 9.30
20x60x15 11.16
20x60x20 14.89
20x60x25 18.61



Technical Services

Customers can contact Q-CON Technical Service Department to inqure about product information or make an appointment for a Q-CON technical team to demonstrate at your construction site.
Q-CON Technical Service Department Phone Number  : 035-259-131-4 Ext. 251 during business hours. (Mon-Fri 8:00 - 17:00)

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High Thermal Resistance : Wide Range of dimensions : Eco-Friendly

Shorten wall construction time : Reduce construction cost 
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